If you’re a big spender at any online casino then the VIP program will be of great interest to you. For all the money that you’re pumping into the casino, you deserve to be looked after and some of the perks available to you will make you feel like royalty.

Read on to discover:

  • What is a VIP program?
  • How to become a VIP
  • Types of VIP rewards
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What Is an Online Casino VIP Program?

Most casinos have a VIP tier system, meaning the more players spend, the more they get rewarded. A typical VIP system looks like this:

  • Bronze for players depositing around $500-1000 each month, giving you faster withdrawals, instant cashback, and extra customer support.
  • Silver for players depositing around $2,500-$3000 each month, offering all the above plus bigger bonuses and higher limits on deposits.
  • Gold for players depositing $5,000-$7,500 each month, offering all the above plus limitless betting and first look at promotions.
  • Premium or High Roller is available to players by invitation or from a monthly deposit of $10,000 and upwards. The rewards include all the above as well as luxury gifts, such as holidays, events, prizes, and a private account manager.

How to Achieve VIP Status

By now, you’re probably wondering how to get a piece of the VIP pie. It’s straightforward. Simply cash in with the casino and they’ll reward you accordingly. Get yourself higher in the ranks by doing the following:

  • Deposit big chunks of money
    Money talks, especially in the casino world, so make large deposits, get playing and your efforts will be noticed. Each casino program has different requirements, but generally, if you’re depositing upwards of $10,000, you’ll get high roller status.
  • Play big - and often
    Even if you’re losing, the best way to catch a casino’s attention is to play a lot, with hefty wagers.
  • Raise the bar
    You might feel disheartened if you’re on at the lower end of a tier system for too long, but by playing frequently, with large bets, you’ll soon work your way up to perk central.
  • Get your name out there
    If you’ve already peaked, then you can smoothly switch to a new casino and get instant recognition. Why not cast a wider net?
Regular Players vs VIP Players

Regular Players vs VIP Players

VIPs get access to exclusive areas. They are often invited to test out yet-to-be-released games with unusually high odds and often enjoy limitless bets on their favourite games and win even bigger.

Loyal members also relish tailor-made bonuses as thanks for honing their skills at the casino in question. The generosity is endless!

Common VIP Rewards Features

Common VIP Rewards Features

If you’re considering joining a VIP program, these are the common types of rewards you will receive.

  • Bonuses: Earn deposit-doubling bonuses and even free gameplay.
  • Banking: More flexibility will mean you can deposit faster and, more importantly, get your winnings paid much faster.
  • Gifts: Imagine luxury cruises, five-course dinners, and seats at highly-coveted sports games.
  • Customer Care: Prompt, personalised service and a first look at the latest promotions and casino games.
  • Rewards: Enjoy winnings being doubled or tripled, and extra cashback or discounts on your birthday.