Choosing where to play online casino games can be the first gamble you make, especially if you want the immersive live experience. We know that you're looking for the most fun, the biggest payouts and the most authentic experience possible, so we’ve done some digging and have found the best online casino sites in New Zealand in 2024 especially for you.

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Where to find the best live dealer games

Fast payouts and generous bonuses

Play on safe and secure sites

Live dealer games bring the action right to your doorstep. You can enjoy animated gameplay, win epic payouts and converse with other players without moving a foot!

Live dealer games bring the action right to your doorstep. You can enjoy animated gameplay, win epic payouts and converse with other players without moving a foot!

The Most Popular Live Dealer Games

When you play live dealer games online, you'll be able to enjoy all the best casino games with a real live casino dealer running the show. There are plenty of live games to choose from, most of which fall into these categories.


The clack of the spinning roulette wheel, the sound of the ball falling into the pocket and the thrill of winning big. You'll get all of these when you play live dealer roulette online. There are numerous variations of the game available online, which means that you can enjoy French or American roulette, and even Live Dream Catcher.


Most live blackjack follows classic Las Vegas rules, which means you'll be facing a house edge of less than 1%. With some of the best odds that you can find at a live casino online or offline, blackjack is always a favourite casino game.


Who doesn't want to play James Bond's favourite casino game and win big? Live baccarat brings the mysterious back room game to you, letting you enjoy this incredibly lucrative game on your own terms with the best casino dealers.


Instead of facing off against the house, take on other players when you play live Texas Hold'em online. Take part in the best poker tournaments and win big.

Choosing the Right Live Dealer Game for You

Choosing the Right Live Dealer Game for You

Gamblers often ask us which game is the best, but it really is a matter of personal preference. Consider the following questions to get a better idea of the right fit for you:

  • Do you like to use skill in your live casino games, or do you prefer for things to be left to chance?
  • Do you enjoy purely playing the odds in a deck of cards, or do you also like to push the psychology of playing against other people?
  • Are you looking to win big on a single event, or to rack up the wins over a series of games?

Depending on how you answered those questions, you might want to play cards or roulette, blackjack or poker, all which can give lucrative returns. Don't worry so much about which one has the best odds or the highest payouts, but rather which one you're going to enjoy the most!

Can You Play Live Dealer Games for Free?

Can You Play Live Dealer Games for Free?

Managing a casino live stream is expensive as it includes hosting the game in a professional studio, paying a highly-trained croupier to run the games, and even some data expenses to live-stream the game to multiple players. Unlike traditional casino games, there is a relatively high overhead on these games for the casinos. As a result, you won’t get to play live for free, but there are non-live free versions of your favourite games if you’d like to polish up your skills. Minimum bets might also be higher for live dealer games compared to games using random number generators.

Why Live Dealer Games Are All the Rage

When you play traditional casino games, many gamblers refer to them as “real money video games”. That's because a computer algorithm determines the results. Live dealer casino games change this, and offer some unique benefits.



Even though the odds are the same no matter how you play, there's something authentic about using a real roulette wheel or physical playing cards.


Want to know the payouts you can expect and how quickly? Ask your dealer and you'll receive real-time responses to your questions and maybe even learn something new!


Who doesn't love a bit of a chat while playing a casino game? Playing live, you’ll be able to converse with the dealer and other players, adding that extra dimension.


At a land-based casino, you'd have to get dressed, travel and hope to get a seat at the table. Playing online means that the casino is available anytime, anyplace.


Play on-the-go or at home. If your mobile device can live stream videos from YouTube, you can play the best live dealer casino games from the palm of your hand.

How Our NZ Team Rate the Best Live Dealer Casinos

Casino games can vary in odds or payouts, but all of our recommended live dealer games exceed expectation. How do we know this? Because our team of experts has assessed them according to a variety of criteria.

How Our NZ Team Rate the Best Live Dealer Casinos

Skilled Dealers

Naturally, when it comes to live dealer games, the dealers themselves must be highly-trained, professional croupiers. The fact that they're usually attractive is an added benefit.

Professional Studios

No one wants to play a casino game in a dingy casino. All of our recommended live dealer casino games are filmed in professional studios or high-end physical casinos.

HD Live Streams

The video is shot in HD, so you can see all the details of the dealer's facial expressions and that second when the roulette ball drops into the winning pocket.

Device Compatibility

The best online casino will work no matter where you choose to play. So whether you use a computer, smartphone or tablet, you'll be able to enjoy the casino live stream.

Mobile Casino Apps & Gambling - FAQs

  • Live casino games are filmed in professional studios using highly-trained croupiers with real cards or roulette wheels. The video is live-streamed to your device, where you can interact, chat and play.
  • This will depend on your personal preferences. We've found the best forms of live dealer roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker for you to play for lucrative real money wins.
  • Blackjack typically has some of the best odds on a casino floor. That said, players have won lucrative payouts with all of these live casino games.
  • Yes, live dealer games are safe when played at a reputable online casino (like those we’ve recommended on this page) which prioritises safeguarding players’ personal details. Check for a padlock icon in the URL bar as that means the site is SSL encrypted and be sure to protect any passwords.
  • Of course! You can use any modern mobile device to play live dealer games. If you're able to stream video with apps like YouTube or Netflix, you'll be able to enjoy live dealer games.