Online video poker brings the magic of Las Vegas machines to your screen. It’s simple to play and you don’t need a crowd for this poker hand. The low house edge and low betting minimums make this a firm favourite for any online gambler. Find out the following in this exclusive guide:

  • Best strategy and tips from pros
  • The different variations of poker
  • Game terminologies explained
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No more stress about opponents beating you down with their hand, because in video poker the only hand that counts is yours!

What is Video Poker?

What is Video Poker?

Video poker is far more like a slot machine than traditional poker as you’re only left trying to predict what cards will come out from the deck rather than worrying about other players’ hands.

Before you play, it’s best to do some prep. Make sure you check the pay tables so you’re playing at the best spot and find out where the variant you’re playing stands in the ranking league. You can really use the odds to your advantage by playing a variant in a position favourable for you.


  • Get clued up on the strategy sheets available on the web so you know what to hold onto and what to pass.
  • Bet with the maximum coins available, it seriously ups your winnings but doesn’t hurt much if you lose.
  • Choose a recommended casino and a machine with a good payout.
  • Max out on any promotional deals.
  • Know when you should break up a straight or flush.

Poker Hands Explained

We’ve broken down baffling poker jargon so you can understand the essentials:

  • Full House: a pair plus three of a kind from any suit, e.g., 4, 5, 4, 5, 5 (the order of cards is unimportant, so long as they’re all there.)
  • Flush: where all the cards are from the same suit, e.g., 10, 7, J, 5, 3.
  • Straight: the cards all follow consecutively, e.g., 9, J, 8, Q, 7 (ace can follow on from king OR equal 1, but never both).
  • Outside Straight: could be turned into a straight with one card that doesn’t appear at either end, e.g., 8, 10, 3, 7, 9. Either a 6 or jack would make a straight.
  • Inside Straight: where a card within the numbers is missing to make a straight, e.g., 2, 10, 9, 6, 8 is missing a 7.
  • Straight Flush: cards in the same suit that follow consecutively, e.g., 5, 2, A, 3, 4 (of the same suit).
  • Royal Flush: the jackpot! A straight flush of the highest cards, e.g., A, J, 10, K, Q.

Best Poker Strategies

Our team of poker pros have compiled this invaluable list of the best video poker strategies for you to maximise your payouts.

  • Know your pay tables
    Not all video poker machines are made equal. Some will offer less money for each hand than others, meaning you win less money. Consult the pay table before playing.
  • Go for high payout percentages
    The higher the number next to each hand, the higher the payout percentage and the lower the house edge. High payout percentages, e.g., 99.76%, mean your winning chances are higher, so play there!
  • Find the top machines
    Luckily, there’s a really easy way to find the top machines. Check out VP3, which lists where to go and has a returns table.
  • Wager with maximum value coins
    If you’re confident about your strategy, max out on your wager and bet with five coins (if you can afford to). The payout if you win, especially if you hit the Holy Grail that is the royal flush, will make it worth it!
  • Know when to break up a straight or a flush
    If there’s a possibility of you ending up with the royal flush, then split those cards up! If it’s not looking likely, guard that flush or straight the best you can.
  • Profit from promotions
    Build up bankroll at a minimal cost by signing up for bonuses. Cash in where you can to give yourself more chance to play and win. The best bonuses come through loyalty schemes or in-house rewards programs.
  • Memorise or consult strategy sheets
    Find a strategy sheet compiled by a video poker lover on one of the online gambling forums and you’ll see how they’ve detailed every hand, which will advise you on what move to make.
  • Safety in numbers
    If you end up with a low pair, you may be tempted to it throw away in the hopes of getting a higher score. But a pair is a pair, and even if it’s a low pair it’s still stronger than a single high card.

The Variations of Video Poker

There are tons of variations of this classic game, so discover a bit more about how they change, plus what’s required from you and your game face.

  • Deuces Wild: the simplest and most commonly played version. It makes use of the classic 52-card deck but the power to assign value to the “2” and “deuces” card lies with you. As a result, the payout is less.
  • Joker’s Wild: the classic deck plus Joker (53 cards) where you determine the joker’s value in order to get that winning hand.
  • Double Bonus: this version gives you a boost through two bonuses that you can unlock, giving you two 4-of-a-kinds.
  • Double Double Bonus: doubling on the double bonus! There is a better payout on 4-of-a-kinds thanks to “kickers”.
  • Triple Play: keep your eye in three places at once with this version where you play three hands simultaneously. Supported by Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus, and Draw Poker.
  • Multi-Play: play as many hands as you can manage (up to 50). With the option to play with real money or for free, there’s plenty of opportunities to practise before you commit your cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our team works round the clock to rate and review the online casinos for you, so check out our recommended online casino list and pick a place to play!
  • Any site recommended by us will be safe and secure. We ensure the casinos are fully licensed, offer fair play games and prioritise player security via firewalls, SSL-encryption and more.
  • You’ll find plenty of variations to keep you going, from Deuces Wild to Joker’s Wild, Double Bonus to Jack or Better. There’ll also be progressive jackpots and multi-play options on offer.
  • If you have access to a stable internet connection, you’re good to go! Play on your desktop or mobile (most devices are supported, such as Mac, PC, Linex, tablets, and smartphones). Read our casino reviews to see if your chosen device is compatible.
  • Even though it offers some of the best house odds, it’s still wise to swot up on a strategy chart to check the odds on each card you draw. Other than that, always play the maximum coins to max out your potential return.
  • The cards are delivered by a random number generator (RNG) which ensures that the results are completely random. The algorithm was developed by game developers and is monitored by external auditors.
  • Yes! All online casinos recommended by our expert reviews team offer games to play for free. Get some much-needed practice in or just enjoy risk-free fun!
  • Video poker is fundamentally a video game you play with money, your hand put into an RNG determining the outcome. In live dealer poker, it’s played live with the croupier and other players’ cards added into the mix.