Pokies are popular as they require zero skill, so if you’re feeling like Lady Luck’s on your side, this is the game for you. It’s easy enough, simply spin the reel and see if those symbols all match up. If they do, you hit the jackpot! For a vibrant, more colourful experience, play at one of our recommended online casinos. The flashy graphics will blow your mind and the prizes are even better than physical reels!

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Online pokies can’t be beaten! The lively graphics and money-spinning jackpots make them an all-time Kiwi favourite.

How to Play Pokies

How to Play Pokies

Playing pokies is simple and, best of all, good fun. The hardest part is choosing which pokies game to go with. Simply take your pick, load up in the new window and make your stakes. You can play as low or high as you want.

You decide how many paylines you bet on and then you hope to get a match across the symbols. Bonus prizes and free spins are triggered by “scatters”, and wild symbols will match anything. You might hit a multiplier too and crank up your prize value even more.

The best thing about online pokies have way more different options than you do with tangible machines. You can play the classic 3-reel type with old-school sound effects or you can take progressive jackpot pokies.


  • With so many pokies out there, your head’s probably spinning faster than the reels trying to figure out which one to play.
  • For the best all-around experience and uninterrupted play, make sure you choose pokies designed by software giants such as Microgaming, IGT, Aristocrat, NetEnt, and Playtech.

Ways to Earn Free Spins

  • When you play online pokies with real money you unlock more chances to play since there are tons of reward bonuses available.
  • When you land a bonus symbol you get access to free spins, meaning more chances to win.
  • There’s also the “pick me” bonus where you can select random prizes from the list, like re-spins. Head this way to discover the best online casinos for free spins.

History time: pokies, the one-arm bandits

Back in the day, when these machines were only accessible, they had a big lever (the arm) on the side that you’d pull to spin the reels. They were renowned for never paying out so were nicknamed “bandits”.

What Actually Is a Progressive Jackpot?

Progressive jackpots give you the chance to cash in on some mega prizes since it pools together a bunch of machines that are played live. As loads of machines are hooked up to the same jackpot, you have the chance to win big if you get that lucky combination. With pokies being so popular, you can bet it’ll be a whopping giveaway!

What Actually Is a Progressive Jackpot?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Due to the nature of pokies, there’s no strategy you can use to win. It really is all down to chance. Simply spin the reel and hope the symbols match up across the line and get your prize.
  • Whether you play online or in real life, you simply select your payline after putting in your money, then spin the reel. Sometimes you’ll have the opportunity to adjust the coin denomination too.
  • In the old days it was a lever that you pulled to spin the reels inside. Now it’s all done using random number generator systems that work off algorithms. This doesn’t take away from any of your suspense as you play though. Payout percentages are published so that you can be sure the game isn’t rigged against you.
  • Progressive machines give you the chance to really hit the jackpot. They work by accumulating all the money pumped into them by other players each time they play until someone wins. Since the machines tend to be hooked up to a large network, that jackpot can swell up fast, so when you win, it’s worth your time!
  • When you play on a loose machine it means you’ve got more of a chance of winning. You’ll never get big prizes from these machines since they cash out more easily. It’s worth checking out the payout percentages before committing to one of these to figure out which machine is your best bet.