In the world of gambling, the same mistakes are made by players repeatedly, so do yourself a favour, read this list and make sure you’re not another contributing factor!

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1. Giving Incorrect Personal Details to Remain Anonymous

Ok, so you want to stay under the radar and keep a low profile. Maybe you’re concerned about your colleagues or family knowing that you gamble. Here’s the snag though, every online casino requires valid ID to approve your account. If your details are fake and don’t add up, you won’t be able to play.

2. Choosing a Casino Without Much Thought

If you dive into the first online casino you see without doing enough research, you could end up being seriously swindled. It’s essential you vet a site before signing up and handing over your personal and banking details. Thankfully, our team of gambling experts have saved you the time and effort by vetting, reviewing and recommending online casinos, right here.

3. Allowing Yourself to Be Seduced by Huge Bonuses

It’s easy to get carried away with dreams of a big jackpot when a juicy bonus gets waved under your nose. Shop around before committing. If you’re unsure, take a step back to process the information thrown at you. Often, seemingly generous bonuses have lengthy terms and conditions plus huge wagering requirements, so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s free money.

4. Neglecting to Learn How Bonuses Work

One thing you mustn’t forget is that bonuses are simply casino ploys to encourage you to play. So naturally, there will be plenty of strings attached. Always check the wagering requirements carefully before signing up for one because if things go wrong, those big bonuses could end up costing you a lot.

5. Believing a Gambling Strategy is “Foolproof”

Gambling is reliant on so many factors, most of which are totally out of your control. Whilst it’s optimal to have a good gambling strategy, it can’t ever guarantee you a win.

6. Making Bets Without Considering the Odds Carefully First

You wouldn’t buy a car without testing it out or learning about its mileage, insurance policy etc. so why would you place a bet without understanding what you stand to lose? You need to have a solid grasp on the odds in order to better understand your position as a player in that particular game. You can then make an intelligent bet and hopefully win a lot of money.

7. Risking All Your Winnings

There’s no backup if you do that. Yes, you stand to win a huge amount of real money, but it’s one hell of a risk. If you lose it all, then what? You may start chasing losses and you don’t want to fall into that abyss.

8. Playing Without Solid Bankroll Management

When you’re gambling it’s essential you have a clear idea of what your limits are, what you’re prepared to spend and when to walk away. Without that you can easily get drawn into spending and spending until you have nothing left. Strong bankroll management will ensure you always keep a cool head and know where you are with your finances.

9. Chasing Losses

This can have catastrophic consequences. As you try to win back what you’ve lost you lose even more. Now in a state of panic, you make snap decisions and your passion overrules when you can no longer afford to play. Don’t expect to win back money you have lost, it’s highly unlikely that you will and you will only worsen your situation.

10. Dismissing a Potential Gambling Addiction

Like any issue, if it’s dismissed and ignored it only gets worse. Best to acknowledge and address a potential gambling addiction early on so that it doesn’t spiral out of control. If players stay in denial it becomes more serious and they can end up losing loved ones over it. Like any addiction it needs the right help and treatment.